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Request to a customer

Please refrain from the parking without permission

Please refrain from the parking to the Akita Dog Visitor Center parking lot without permission.

To other customers come to trouble you.
In addition, it disturbs the snow-removal work for the winter season.

I would like understanding and cooperation.
※I may close a parking lot without a notice
★About new coronavirus infectious disease measures


In the case of entering a building, I would appreciate your sterilizing the finger.


Please cooperate with thermometry.
Where temperature is 37.5 degrees Celsius or more and the person in poor physical condition, please refrain from entering a building.

Approach of infectious disease measures

I ventilate it with the sterilization in the hall regularly in this museum.

About a visit of the Akita Inu

For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, I have you refrain from the admission to the Akita Inu exhibition room, and it is said that it is only a visit to glass etsu shideno from an adjacent Akita Inu museum.
As the contact does not go, please be careful.

I would like understanding and cooperation.
※The photography is possible, but please refrain from the flash.

To a pet dog and an entered customer

About the entrance with the pet dog

A pet dog and the entered customer would appreciate your protecting it about the following matters by all means.

●You finish the restroom of the pet dog before entering a building beforehand, and please enter it

●In the hall, you wear a lead to a pet dog by all means, and take it as short as possible.

●The pet dog to mark, please wear a diaper or the manner belt.

●When I excreted it in a hall, owner takes responsibility, and I would like processing.

●When I continue barking, I hope that I have you do ichidotaikan.

●When you do other dogs and quarrels and let the other party get injured, please be settled between owner. This museum does not take responsibility at all.

●Without the permission of the owner, please do not approach to other dogs without any reason. In addition, please do not tie it with on handrails.

The following cases decline a visit

The pet dog which is not doing a vaccination of the rabies and the mixed vaccine inoculation of the epidemic within 1 year

Pet dog under treatment of the  disease

Aggressive character such as the habit of biting is extreme; bark; the pet dog with the habit

Pet dog during heat (sexual excitement)

When when the act that other customers come to trouble is done in the facilities, you cannot look after a manner

Sightseeing in Odate-shi interchange facilities
"Akita Dog Visitor Center"
1-13-1, Onaricho, Odate-shi, Akita

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