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With the Akita Inu

With the dog which a country-designated natural monument got tired of
※This page publishes the contents which extracted Akita Inu preservation society (say Akiho as follows.) issuance than "a bookmark of the Akita Inu".

 It is not sure from when Akita Inu chosen as one of the natural monument 6 dog species of the country was raised habitation in our Odate district but was the companion who could never lack for hunting (matagi) in Nara period. Local reclamation and the development of the mine advanced, and war was broken out by a conflict between regionally powerful lords, and the inflow of other local people worried a people's opinion again since Dewa country was established in our Akita region, and the hunting dog was raised as a watchdog.

 A dogfight came to be greatly performed in the watchdogs which became strong after it was Tokugawa era, and a permanent construction pit was established after the Meiji from a half term, and a dogfight was made the performance after it was for period in the Taisho era, and the quality of family-like dog was finally made the mongrel.
 A traditional natural beauty spot historic spot lost in such times of Japan and public opinion of the natural monument-designated preservation of the animals and plants were angry, and the law established it in 1919, and there was a second investigation, and the Akita Inu was appointed to a natural monument in the Japanese dogs first in July, 1931. It is "Hachi-ko" reported as a faithful dog in the Asahi Shimbun newspaper in October, 1932 that I am combined with the designation of the natural monument, and made Akita Inu famous. Naturally, as for the article, the dog lover impresses a general Japanese chest deeply, and the Akita Inu will come into the limelight widely, too. In that way there was the blank during the Great War, but development, the quality of dog improve sequentially after the war, and Akita Inu excellent now is raised in whole country each place.

Akita Inu standard (examination standard)

1.Essence and the expression
  Make a dauntlessness, and possess dignity, and is rich in *i, and is faithful, and do it, and there is a feeling of of the simplicity, and is the ground taste; have dignity inside, and do it in sense acuity, and u detailed in kyo*juatsubinkatsukyo.

1.The exterior
  I get the body symmetry and I do frame obstinate length closely and develop in line, tendon, yukikyo, and a male female indication size has the air without skin relaxation, and the male does the length with the head in comparison with the amount of body than female ha male for ratio 100 to 110 of the amount of body length slightly and I do it with amount of body male 66.7cm (2 sun of 2 shakus), female 60.6cm (2 shakus) and do top and bottom for each 3.03cm (1 sun) if possible. I assume the body high chest deep no ratio abbreviation two to one.

  A neck is big and makes rising without skin relaxation moderately vigorously.

  I make a cranial bones size and cranial mine is slightly flat, and forehead is large and, without a wrinkle, there are an apparent stria and a moderate fall, and a gena develops well and forms.

  It is triangular and does it thick slightly small and bends forward moderately and I do an ear line directly and stand as kinko and have the area that is suitable at the interval of the ear.

  They make a triangle a little and they are deep and are gaimanajirijo ri iris strong tea brown, and the eyes have a moderate interval.

1.Way of speaking, nose
  Have a firm nasal speculum without having nose bridge directly, and being enriched, and the basis having a sharp point thin thickly a rostrum; is well hikikin ru lips.

 Teeth do it toughly, and they occlude it, and they are right.

 Deepen it, and tension, prothoraces develop ribs a chest well, is hikikin ru the abdomen moderately.

1.Back waist
  I have a back flight directly, and a waist is tough.

  Forelegs develop with the angle named the shoulder scapula upper arm proper degree well, and denial is good, and I do a forearm directly, and it is strong thickly, and a filler slants a little, and *en ku is big and I have Atsushi taste and do kinnigiri.

1.Hind leg
  Moving backward develops well and I do it toughly and hold out powerfully and have the angle of the heel proper degree and am rich in dan*ryoku and I have *atsumi and do kinnigiri.

  I approximately do winding, the length powerfully thickly when to a heel and do the winding type with the left winding, clockwise twining, a drum roll, double winding.

1.Cover hair
  Have hair uprightly, and cotton wool grows thick below, than the ki former region, the buttocks designation are long tail hair others part long; do.
State of the Akita Inu preservation society headquarters exhibition
State of the Akita Inu preservation society headquarters exhibition
Akita Inu participating in the headquarters exhibition


1.The acquired damage and the thing which remarkably has poor nourishment management.
1.A hair color unfavorable as Akita Inu.
1.The thing which the iris which does not comply with a color of the body is remarkable, and is light.
1.A lack tooth, a revolt tooth and edge-to-edge bite.
1.Tongue spot.
1.A property soft thing (timidity, kei*to) in particular and a thing of the brutality.
1.The thing which a characteristic lacks in as other Akita Inu.


1.The thing which does not stand an ear inherently.
1.It is tail winding or a colander thing inherently.
1.It is remarkably a short hair and long hair inherently.
1.The thing that a protrusion and lower jaw retreat and engage it, and they are remarkably unjust.
1.The nose color which does not comply with a color of the body (the white has permission of a red nose)
1.I lack in a characteristic of other Akita Inu.


 The above is a standard of Akiu. This standard, so to speak, becomes the basics of the examination with constitutional nyo thing. An examination sectional meeting determines the small examination policy particularly.

 A good dog does not have good exterior, figure partially, and the results of the exhibition may not necessarily accord with the essence of the dog essentially. It is an ideal that order accords with essence and should be able to happen, but this is because, actually, it judges it by the condition of the dog, a ring manner generally.

 Even the dog which should go is sick, mo*ki, also, of the management when is bad, cannot show enough the essence to be able to have, and the dog bad essentially cannot occupy the high rank of results as even condition best how much cannot cover the essence.

 It is said that the true completion beauty is not seen when the Akita Inu is not 2003 from the old days. It presents the looks of the ancient warrior with the bitterness from that time. There is the dog which gets worse as it becomes soinu, the adult dog well for yoinu, the young dog era, but the dog which improves as it is to an adult dog is a good dog of the essence.

 However, it is a really superior dog that shows a consistent good point from yoinujidai to the adult dog era. The evaluation is *yu, excellence, associate A, authorization, five phases of the disqualification. By the headquarters exhibition, I confer "Akiu honor chapter" on the dog of the highest grade of the Akita Inu.


 Then, I am assigned to Akita Inu and explained an outline, but, according to the current statistics, only 4-5% of *inusuu of our country are said to be a purity dog and, also, think with a number of the Akita Inu soon what percentage it is. You eliminate a mongrel dog, and purity recommends excellent Akita Inu and must advance to in the future world *inukai in hope of the improvement more and more.


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