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 About new coronavirus infectious disease measures
I perform new coronavirus infectious disease measures in our facilities.
The visited customer look at this.

Under Halloween event holding!

I hold a Halloween party in the Akita Dog Visitor Center now

[event participation method]
I take a photograph at the photospot in the hall and I put hashtag "♯ Akita Dog Visitor Center Halloween" and post it on SNS!
I can challenge Senbon-pull to be able to get a wonderful present when I show the staff the screen which I posted

When even the person who does not do SNS can cooperate with the photograph publication to an Akita Dog Visitor Center official SNS, 1,000 are discounted and can challenge it

Which hair color do you like? Under vote corner setting!

In the Akita Inu museum, I establish the section that can vote for "a hair color of the favorite Akita Inu" now
You draw a face on "the ghost", and you choose the hair color to like from three colors of red hair, tiger stripes, the gray head, and please vote
Well, which hair color will come first?...

Happy Halloween!!  

It was October
Finally almost fall!
Various Akita Inu seem to be doing disguise of the Halloween in the Akita Dog Visitor Center
Please look for it, everybody!
As there are a lot of photospots, it is perfect, and the taking a ceremonial photograph comes, too

And…There is a Halloween event in Akita Dog Visitor Center…kamo……
In few days, I will tell you!
Don't miss it

It is open by "Shizuka Sasaya bush clover calligraphy classroom exhibition"

At the Akita Dog Visitor Center event corner, I hold "Shizuka Sasaya bush clover calligraphy classroom exhibition" now
You can see a wonderful work of the students of the calligraphy classroom!
It is until Sunday, September 26 during the display period

Autumn came in Akita Dog Visitor Center

September began and became cooler
In Akita Dog Visitor Center, autumn seems to have already come

Akita Inu stained with autumnal scenery welcome you in the hall.
Please look for it

I held "homalinpick"!!

"homa phosphorus pick" was held in the Akita Dog Visitor Center while Japan swelled by the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics this summer, and a hot fight was developed!
Well, on earth who is it that obtained a gold medal?
Please see the hot fight of Akita Inu by all means

An Akita Inu museum was able to spot a new photo

An Akita Inu museum was able to spot a new photo!
I can take a photograph with an art object of the Akita Inu with green soybeans in its mouth

Do you not take it at a pause same as arena Zagitova of the figure skating?

And a lot of Akita Inu coming to the exhibition room disappears in the photograph of the Akita Inu of the background
Please look for it!

I enter satsukagetoko and can photograph it, but cannot take a photograph on an art object because it is very fragile. Thank you for your understanding.

I was able to modernize SNS account of akideninuhomare!

I was able to modernize SNS account of Homare of the Akita Inu which acted as a sightseeing in Odate Station stationmaster
I can see everyday state and pretty Homare when I went out
Please respond

Under Akira Ando paper-cutting exhibition holding!

At the Akita Dog Visitor Center event corner, just held in "a good old paper-cutting exhibition of the time when there was not new Corona" by Akira Ando
To a small part of the expression of pretty children and the beautiful scenery, it is expressed in all paper-cutting
The display period becomes until Monday, August 30
→The display was finished.

homare became 2 years old!

Saturday, June 26 was a 2-year-old birthday of homare
I made the cake on the birthday for the dog and presented it this year in homare.
As I improved the state in the YouTube channel of the Akita Inu contact corps, please see it by all means!

"A favorite Akita Inu section" renewed it☆

A quite popular "favorite Akita Inu section" renewed it

As a lot of photographs of lovely Akita Inu are given glory to, please see it slowly and carefully by all means

Thank you for all of you and all of the conventional photographs who cooperated with display who applied
Sightseeing in Odate-shi interchange facilities
"Akita Dog Visitor Center"
1-13-1, Onaricho, Odate-shi, Akita

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