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Use of group

About a group application

I would like a reservation application on a visit beforehand in tour groups. (please inform me of the following content by FAX after a mention.)

※The need of the reservation does not have a thing and a schedule pulling in customers about the undetermined tour now. I would appreciate your informing only the tour that a schedule establishes.

1.The group details
 ・Visit date and time, group name, the number of people, bus number

2.The travel agency details
 ・The trip company name, address, TEL/FAX, person in charge name, contact information on that day

※This museum will inform you by FAX as soon as I accept it and am completed.

Transmission FAX: 0186-49-0788 (Akita Dog Visitor Center)

Notice matter

Infection prophylaxis
  • You avoid dense o on entering a building and take appropriate distance with other customers, and please cooperate with securing of social distance.
  • You take temperature with sterilization at this museum entrance, and please enter it. When 37.5 degrees Celsius or more are confirmed, as a result of thermometry, I would appreciate your refraining from entering a building.
  • About the mask wearing, I decide to entrust it to the judgment of the customer.

Visit by bus
  • Large car parking lot five existence (free)
  • Please plurally cooperate with a calling by one as much as possible when you come.

Akita Inu exhibition room
  • Time 9:30-16:45
  • As Monday is closed in the exhibition room, I cannot observe the Akita Inu. (in the case of a holiday weekdays, the following day)
  • I have you refrain from the admission to the exhibition room for the time being and am limited to a visit over the glass from the adjacent room.

Guide in the hall confidential plan
  • In this museum, the guidance guides in the hall do not go. I would like the free visit.

About eating and drinking
  • A restaurant is not in the hall. When you are it, please refer to other restaurants for a meal beforehand.

Advance reservations confirmation
  • Without cancellation and a large schedule change, the prior contact is unnecessary.

※The listed information may be changed. (occasional update)

Travel agency's original; "drop in, and please transmit that when have an arrangement book".

Sightseeing in Odate-shi interchange facilities
"Akita Dog Visitor Center"
1-13-1, Onaricho, Odate-shi, Akita

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