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Room of sokuu

rikambaninusokuu (the sky) of the Akita Inu

It is a boy born in February 4, 2024. The name was decided from 654 application★
Please call "sorakun" if you meet me!

It was five months.

July 4, 2024

It was five months after birth.
The weight is 23 kilos. A collar becomes small and feels the speed of the growth some other time.
I took it in a short time, and there was being over to a good kid the other day when there was work of the shooting!
It is close to be switched on by the word "work"…Kana (^^)

[sokuu] A rose festival made its debut

June 4, 2024

I reached four months after birth in the sokuu present days.
The weight is 19 kilos, (^^) which is playing a lot, and lies down at a stretch

I performed it for Odate rose festival held in Ishida Rose garden today of the memorial day for four months
As I just reached the best time to see, a good photograph came out!
It is interested in a rose and a tree and grass, a triangle corn to look at for the first time.
In addition, it was 1st when I felt like having grown up a little.
Thank you, customer who took the customer who was able to see you in a venue, a customer, the photograph which I called out to!

The Odate rose festival until June 23! Please enjoy it in a venue!

Study with brothers

I practiced the walk with brothers dog.
(*^^*) which was able to take a walk well outside, but it became fun by the walk in the hall, and has played carelessly
In the outside, there is much good stimulation including the sound of wind and the car, the voice of the bird and the voice of the playing child♪

Individuality is over the walk in brothers and is interesting

Senior dog

Senior dogs and exercise of greetings that come to the exhibition room

I take a walk together and practice the smell check of buttocks necessary to know each other.
I am like parent and child when I equal Kyoko of the gray head♪

Anyway, senior dogs are gentle…(tears)

Hachi-ko memorial service

Okay, I take the field
I was tense…
May 8, 2024

"Hachi-ko memorial service" was held in Akita Dog Visitor Center.
The person concerned attended it from Shibuya-ku, and sokuu was able to say hello well, too.
I was totally ready, but was surprised at the sound of the speaker to hear for the first time and grand applause before taking the field a little.
I learn various sounds in this way♪

Announcement society

May 5, 2024

Announcement party of sokuu was held.
It is the first work for sokuu.

Many customers came and was able to send the name having been decided and a figure to be busy for well.
I will do my best at a pace of sokuu from now on to learn a lot, and to cope with various scenes.
Thank you in advance!

Past news

Sightseeing in Odate-shi interchange facilities
"Akita Dog Visitor Center"
1-13-1, Onaricho, Odate-shi, Akita

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