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"Aogaeru" information

I started an Aogaeru visit

A visit in the Aogaeru was enabled today from April 5, 2024!
"Waking ceremony" by local children and Akita Inu Bank (exhibition room member) was carried out and was able to start well.
I am looking forward to being able to see many customers this year.

[visit in the vehicle]
From April 5 to November around the end

(I may stop a visit at the time of the bad weather)

I took off a sleeping bag.

Hello, it is Aogaeru.
I took off a sleeping bag in spring.
As is still half-asleep; the visit in the vehicle
It is ... at 11:00 on April 5.

Can meet many customers this year…

Aogaeru hibernated.

Hello, it is Aogaeru.

I changed into sleeping bag.
It is the third sleeping bag, do you look good considerably?
It is warm and cannot part.
It is lacking not to be able to meet all of you, but, during a hibernation period, time not to be able to meet brings up love…I have heard this.

In addition, let's meet in spring.

A hibernation period: From December 4, 2023 to next spring

Announcement of Aogaeru hibernation

... which hibernating time did this year
I cannot observe the inside of car during hibernation. The appearance becomes the sleeping bag look, too.
I will tell you about the hibernating state in Akita Dog Visitor Center SNS.

A hibernation period: Until Monday, December 4 - spring

Tokyu 5000 system "Aogaeru"

A name: Tokyu 5000 system
A nickname: Aogaeru
A standard: About 11m in length
   About 2.7m in width
   About 11t in weight
It travels by Tokyu Toyoko Line linking the Yokohama area to Shibuya from 1954 through 1986
I am transferred from Tokyu to Shibuya-ku in 2006 and use it as a tourist information center
I am transferred from Shibuya-ku to Odate in 2020 and am going to inflect as a citizen's oasis

The Aogaeru is the railroad carriage which former Tokyu (current: Tokyu) applied from 1954 through 1986.
It was got close to the greener painting by a nickname of "the Aogaeru" at the time of service by the vehicle appearance with the round amiability. Because railroad companies such as Nagano, Kumamoto, Fukushima obtained this vehicle by transfer and were applied after the retirement by the substitution to a new vehicle for a long time in each place and obtained the vehicle which Tokyu saved after operation in 2006 by transfer from Shibuya-ku, as a symbolic monument of the station square, I carried the role of the tourist information center.

And Shibuya Station was transferred to a motif and "the Akita Dog Visitor Center" which I did as a symbol of the further friendship with Shibuya-ku now for the second generation when Chuken Hachiko waited on for a return of the master while utilization of "the Aogaeru" which watched the cityscape with an image of Chuken Hachiko in Shibuya-ku which large-scale redevelopment went ahead through was explored.

State at the time of the "Aogaeru" transference

About Aogaeru make up project

Sightseeing in Odate-shi interchange facilities
"Akita Dog Visitor Center"
1-13-1, Onaricho, Odate-shi, Akita

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