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The sightseeing in Odate-shi interchange facilities "Akita Dog Visitor Center" was built as a model of Shibuya Station of the Taisho era, which Odate-shi-born Chuken Hachiko waited for a loving owner.

In this museum, there is the Akita Inu exhibition room where you can see a real Akita Inu and you also can study happily and pretty Akita Inu about a characteristic and a history of the Akita Inu. The souvenir corner is available for who would like to buy Akita Inu goods and a specialty of Odate.

<opening time>
<closed day>
December 31, January 1

 ☆Akita Inu exhibition room☆
 9:30-16:45 (we have several breaks for the dog)
 Closed day: On Monday (when Monday is a holiday, the following day will be closed)

<entering a building charges>
Free of charge

Notice of facilities

Akita Inu museum

entering a building for free
opening time 9:00-17:00
⚠️ closed day December 31 and January 1

The origin and a characteristic of the Akita Inu, display about the Akita Inu are available!
The stuffed toy tower which piled up the quite popular stuffed toy which played on the model more than 160 in "MASARU" given Russian skater arena Zagitova is a photo spot of the best part;

Akita Inu exhibition room

free to visit
business hours 9:30-16:45
⚠️ closed day: on Mondays (as for the cases such as holidays on Monday, the following day will be closed)
※We will take the break of the Akita Inu at any time

You will see genuine Akita Inu and will be surprised at size of the Akita Inu, and please be healed by the pretty face.
The Akita Inu is faithful to an owner but does not often take to you other than the owner and the person knowing it well.
You may see Akita Inu to be unfriendly but that is also "a figure of the Akita Inu".
Therefore there is much Akita Inu that it is hard to be touched other than the owner and the person knowing it well.

please be noted that you cannot "touch" Akita Inu in consideration for a health side of the Akita Inu and the security of the customer.


※For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, customers are refrain from entering the Akita Inu exhibition room, and see Akita Inu through the glass from Akita Inu museum. 
I appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Souvenir corner

We have Akita Inu goods and the souvenir such as local brew, which you can only get in Odate.


The Aogaeru is the railroad carriage which former Tokyu (current: Tokyu) applied from 1954 through 1986.
It was got close to the greener painting by a nickname of "the Aogaeru" at the time of service by the vehicle appearance with the round amiability. Because railroad companies such as Nagano, Kumamoto, Fukushima obtained this vehicle by transfer and were applied after the retirement by the substitution to a new vehicle for a long time in each place and obtained the vehicle which Tokyu saved after operation in 2006 by transfer from Shibuya-ku, as a symbolic monument of the station square, it was carried the role of the tourist information center.

And Shibuya Station was transferred to a motif and "the Akita Dog Visitor Center" which it was as a symbol of Shibuya and the further friendship of Odate now for the second generation when Chuken Hachiko waited on for a return of the master while utilization of "the Aogaeru" which watched the cityscape with an image of Chuken Hachiko in Shibuya-ku where large-scale redevelopment advanced to was explored.

Railroad park

no charge for admission
It is at the position of about 100m on the east side from the place Akita Dog Visitor Center building.
※Cannot enter by car.

The terminal of the Kosaka railroad which performed freight and the passenger transportation such as the ores which were ever mined in Kosakakouzan where the amount of mining production was number one in Japan is Kosaka railroad Odate Station, and Akita Dog Visitor Center is built in the ruins. I just leave a rail at the time and can know the history of the prosperity from a showpiece.

Row a handle; a truck

In the Akita Dog Visitor Center, run in the abolished line of the old Kosaka railroad in front of a parking lot; "row a handle truck" is operated for a limited time.

For more details, following; "row a handle, and please see truck information".


business hours 9:00-16:30
business period from April to November (plan)
※We may change it by the situation of the climate including the snowfall.
 Half day 300 yen
 500 yen a day
※The half day until four hours. I calculate as a day when over four hours.

It is needed to have you agree to the matters mentioned in the case of the use of the rent-a-bicycle.
①You observe traffic regulations, and do not do the act that keeps road unsafety and becomes the traffic disorder of the walker.
②You are not allowed to lend the bicycle to the third party.
③About the used accident of the rent-a-bicycle, we do not take any responsibility.
④After the use of the rent-a-bicycle, please return it by 4:30 p.m. of the rental day. In addition, please contact me during use if there are any trouble points.
⑤During use, we may demand a suitable expense from a customer for theft, the loss of the key, the damage by the fault of the customer.
⑥Please contact a manager by all means beforehand out of necessity when you cannot return it by 4:30 p.m.

Manager contact information Odate-shi tourist information center (Odate-shi tourist association Akita Dog Visitor Center) 0186-57-8120

To the customer with the child

The nursing room

In the nursing room of the private room, we are fully equipped with a washstand, a diaper switchboard, a chair for the nursing.

To a pet dog and an entered customer

About the entrance with the pet dog
To the customers with pet dogs, please refer above link by all means


It is a 2-minute walk from JR Odate Station!

From the distant place to a coming customer

Parking lot

[normal car parking lot]
The accommodation number: About 100
※Priority parking space: Four
A rate: Free of charge

Large parking lot

We establish the space for exclusive use of the large car for five.

Please refrain from parking without permission

Please refrain from parking to the Akita Dog Visitor Center parking lot without permission.

It bothers to other customers.
In addition, it disturbs the snow-removal work for the winter season.

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
※I may close a parking lot without a notice
Sightseeing in Odate-shi interchange facilities
"Akita Dog Visitor Center"
1-13-1, Onaricho, Odate-shi, Akita

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