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★News from Akita Inu★

"Chicken meal lunch Akita Dog Visitor Center special Ver."
I am presented by the first 50 people!

I present a commemorative lunch (article not for sale) opener than flower Zen to the first 50 people in every day during an event period! It is the "Akita Dog Visitor Center"-limited package which is available only here.
●Lunch distribution
<distribution period> From Saturday, April 27 to May 6 (month, holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday)
<distribution time, place> At the 12:00 ... "Akita Dog Visitor Center" front entrance
※In the case of a lot of applicants, I distribute a rearranging ticket in 50 every day.
※Of "per person one-off" please cooperate with the use.
I do not distribute it by the flower good.
<<"going out seat" free of charge screening society holding
200 people the first in each time!

Please show the Japan-U.S. movie which assumed Hachi-ko a model than going out seat free. It is the Akita Inu that eyes become hot without the person who is doggy people thinking of the one that is not so and the story of the bond with the person. By all means this opportunity without passing over!
<free screening period>
From Saturday, April 27 to May 6 (month, holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday)
Wednesday, May 8
Saturday, May 11
Sunday, May 12
<showing movie>
●"Hachi-ko story" 10:00 - screening
●"Dog of the HACHI promise" 13:00 - screening
<going out seat admission ticket distribution time, place> It is in front of - Akita Dog Visitor Center administrative office at 9:00
Outdoor special eating and drinking corner

At an "Akita Dog Visitor Center" parking lot, I set up an outdoor eating and drinking corner. Mainly on the stand of the meal a day substitute open a store every week in rotation!
<stand branch day>
●From Wednesday, April 17 to 18th Thursday
From Saturday, April 20 to 21st Friday
From Saturday, April 27 to May 6 (month, holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday)
●Wednesday, May 8
●Saturday, May 11
●Sunday, May 12

An Akita Inu contact corps and Akita Inu provide it
"News from Akita Inu from Odate"

Akita Inu and "an Akita Inu contact unit" living in introduce states of daily life and dock training with the cute Akita Inu as "a living with the Akita Inu".
In addition, I send charm of Akita Inu birthplace, Odate with Akita Inu.

Photo Gallery from Instagram


The spot where he/she goes out with Odate, a dog and can stay at②

Category:Odate machinaka information
I introduce outing, the place where I can stay at with a dog this time.
A period of use is from April to November.
akidenkendaikanshiiwasejidaikawamokugento 28-14
"Five colors of lake lodges"
Person in charge of Tashiro synthesis branch area promotion 0186-43-7103
Five colors of lake lodge 0186-53-2010
I stand in the bank of five colors of lakes and it is quiet and can spend relaxed time.
Five colors of lake lodge appearance
Five colors of lake lodge lobbies
Five colors of lake lodge Akita Inu
"It is a bright lobby"
The model dog is cute Ako today.
There are the first-floor Western-style room (for two), the second-floor bunk bed Western-style room (for eight), Japanese-style room (for five).
In the dog playroom which Ako is also pleased with!
It is pet-adaptive flooring.
Western-style room Akita Inu
Bunk bed Akita Inu
Indoor dog orchid Akita Inu
The meal has a kitchen and a dining room and becomes the cooking food for oneself including ingredients carrier.
As I can supply ingredients of the Kiritanpo hot pot in the supermarket in the city, how about trying it?
Because rich nature cannot use the electronic equipment such as a smartphone or carrying, the PC in spite of being leaving, I can be completely separated from daily life.
At first, I was puzzled over a smartphone not being seen, but was able to sleep better!
I relax in the same room, also known as the bowl. hebana!
akidenkendaikanshiiwasejidaikawamokugento 28-14
Five colors of lake lodges
Person in charge of Tashiro synthesis branch area promotion 0186-43-7103
Five colors of lake lodge 0186-53-2010
Five colors of lake lodge brochures
Five colors of lake lodge brochures

Favorite a walk is Akita Inu!

Category:Living with the Akita Inu
It is the story of the walk of the Akita Inu this time.
We take a walk each twice for approximately one hour from 30 minutes in morning and evening.
Buttocks of Asuka and the Ako waiting for in front of a pedestrian crossing.
Akita Inu sisters buttocks
In moving a body in the sun mind and body together in good health.
And I mention outside world various stimulation and learn a lot.
I emit energy well and am happy when he/she sleeps well in a house!
It is a bed Akita Inu well
The walk is an effect size to build the relationship of mutual trust with the dog.
A heart goes.
The Akita Inu is a morning walk before temperature only costs that heat is a great weak point in the summer.
I who am weak in morning am up at 5:00 and do my best.
In addition, even an adult woman may be dragged as a body is big, and power is strong.
We train every day to take a walk calmly without pulling it.
Still I find curious dog and cat and bird and fallen leaves dance for wind and make a mysterious move and are to watch out as it may be pulled to run after it suddenly.
As we cannot take a walk only in children, let's walk happily in whole family!
The health of the owner is first to keep a dog.
By the way, when I breed it for the purpose of attending a competitive show, I let you pull it on purpose to make a body and run on a bicycle and a motorcycle and seem to exercise in particular.

It has a series of outing spot ① which can go by Odate, dog and car

Of the introduction of the place where can go to with a dog by car this time have a series of.
The snow melts, and spring approaches, but is adventure of Katsuhiro and omochi on a certain snowy day.
1-1, Inaridai, Kamidaino, Odate-shi, Akita
NIPRO Hachi-ko dome park center
Sightseeing section 0186-43-7072
The feeling that does not come in autumn.
"Good atmosphere ~"
Fallen leaves Akita Inu
The Akita Inu which picks up a branch
Against a backdrop of NIPRO Hachi-ko dome.
NIPRO Hachi-ko dome snow
Akita Inu red Syoudai
I do not put the dog in the building.
A thing very important more!
You want to run around in delight, but please wear a lead by all means.
A lead is a desperate defense following the command of the dog!
The Akita Inu that snow is in high spirits
The Akita Inu that snow is in high spirits
Katsuhiro and omochi who run around backed by snowy Daimonnji.
Anyway, a person does the best.
"The satisfaction!"
White Akita Inu snow 
Akita Inu snow
I did what I was busy for in snow piled up which was not cleared of snow.
"Well! There is nobody's footprint!"
When you had Odate drop in in dog companions, please use it as a walk spot.
I hope that I do not bring it close to the local one which it is to be a walk spot, and a dog is weak in and other dogs.
An experience covered with snow is possible in winter, but is the comfortable place that can relax in all seasons.
Do not forget warm appearance and boots to run around in snow. hebana!
1-1, Inaridai, Kamidaino, Odate-shi, Akita
NIPRO Hachi-ko dome park center
Sightseeing section 0186-43-7072

Spot to go out to to be able to go by Odate, car①

Category:Odate machinaka information
A car introduces the place where I can go to with a dog this time.
I can take a walk of being delighted by snow in winter.
1-1, Inaridai, Kamidaino, Odate-shi, Akita
NIPRO Hachi-ko dome park center
Sightseeing section 0186-43-7072
"The large parking lot is cleared of snow!"
The parking lot where it was cleared the Akita Inu of snow
It is a walk spot of the local one.
The point is adventure of Katsuhiro and omochi on one day of January from here.
"There is a lot of soft and fluffy snow!"
Akita Inu two snow
The Akita Inu which sinks in snow
Akita Inu snow

"A human being needs boots. There was the person of the ski, too!"

Akita Inu snow
"The forest of the conversing with" of the building back can enjoy scenery throughout the year.
I come up for a location candidate of a movie and CM and am a place letting you yearn for the European forest.
"There are a lot of tall trees"
Akita Inu two trees
Akita Inu gray head omochi
Akita Inu Syoudai

(the adventure of Katsuhiro and omochi continues to the next time. hebana!)

The Akita Inu is big and is gentle! ②Characteristic (hair color, size), character ... of ... Akita Inu




Secondary to the last time, I tell you about a hair color and size, character of the Akita Inu.


It is a member of the Akita Inu contact corps to introduce.




The color that is not generally known very much to be asked "is this Akita Inu?."


I have the fan who is ardent saying "tiger stripes are good!".

25 kg of Asuka (tomorrow) female 2 years old (adult dog)


A beautiful woman. Small.


Though I am easily scared, I am full of curiosity. There are many things which it is delicate and does not like.


When I love Ako of sisters too and am felt slightly annoying.


There is stamina. I am stuck in the foxtail and am full of mind to be idle even if out of breath.




There is the least head count and is rare.


As for most children, a nose becomes the pink with growth.

19 kg of omochi female eight months (I still grow big)


A beautiful girl. Though I am naughty, I am scared.


I run at the top of all and jump over a hurdle suddenly and move vigorously.


There is the collection including the sounding seam of the sound.


Younger sister who is the spoilt child who thinks Katsuhiro to be an older brother.


It is the same as a human being, and the character is different each.


When I change by training and how to raise, I go, but the original temperament is based on.


It is not a mistake to decide by the first impression and intuition, but a child of what kind of character is correct to oneself before receiving you, or it is important to think.


Even at the age of a puppy, that character understands that I am active or am quiet between brothers.


Generally, it is more greatly than a female meatiness, and a male is more solid, but there is the child that it is to approximately 40 kg in the females.


As there is individual difference, you should take the size of the pro-dog into account.


And I am common and am very faithful to an owner.


Of course everyday accumulation is important to build the relationship of mutual trust.


I open the heart especially and will turn earnest thought only to the owner.


On the other hand, it depends on the character of the child, but I wag my tail, and anyone does not have many atmospheres such as friendly.


I love owners, but the expression is modest.


If there are own world, own pace and does not feel inclined when I was going to touch it, I am kept off straight even if it is an owner.


When, for an owner, I feel lonely.


The staff who kept Akita Inu for the first time said, "I want to see a cat with tsundere".


By the way, the first theme is over in this neighborhood.


I think that I can tell you about charm of the Akita Inu sequentially.


See you!

Sightseeing in Odate-shi interchange facilities
"Akita Dog Visitor Center"
1-13-1, Onaricho, Odate-shi, Akita
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