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Way of enjoying

①At first, You will enjoy it on seeing the appearance!

Shibuya Station is a motif for the second generation when Chuken Hachiko was waiting for a return of the master as for the appearance at the time. A statue of Hachi-ko which stares straight at JR Odate Station recalls me to those days.
The clock tower of 18 meters in height is a sight, too.

②You will enjoy the whole introspectiveness!

Please enjoy the space of the opening-like colonnade.
A photograph of Shibuya Station at the time is posted on the entrance right hand side space for the second generation.

③You will thoroughly enjoy a beautiful spiral staircase!

A beautiful spiral staircase in accord with the atmosphere in the building attracts an eye.
I see it and quit it and I take it and quit it, and the top is good!
I feel the feelings of the craftsman from a handrail to the details of the step. As it seems that the atmosphere of the building changes completely seeing from the second floor, it is a perfect photospot

④You will overlook the town of Odate on a terrace!

I can overlook the town of Odate when I go on the terrace.
The size that "the Daimonnji" seen on the east side is what above all number one in Japan!
The Daimonnji created by Komagata modelled after the steep slope of Mount Houou is super huge with 120 meters of 1 image eye, 2 image eyes 180 meters, 150 meters of 3 image eyes!
By "a Daimonnji festival" to be carried out in August, the best Daimonnji firing in Japan and the costarring of fireworks are seen every year

⑤You will know everything about Akita Inu in this museum!

An Akita Inu panel is met!
A lot of display that can know the Akita Inu including the characteristic of the origin and the Akita Inu of the Akita Inu!
I introduce a photograph and the episode of the pet dog which had you apply in "a favorite Akita Inu section".
An Akita Inu tree of the best part!
A quite popular stuffed toy with "MASARU" of the Akita Inu given arena Zagitova who is a Russian figure skater as a model is piled up!
Well, will there be several bodies in total? ?

⑥You will meet Akita Inu at last!

In the museum, I can observe the genuine Akita Inu over glass.
donokoni is fun of the day whether you can meet✧

Only as for the visit to glass etsu shideno from the Akita Inu museum which has you refrain from the admission to the Akita exhibition room for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, and is adjacent
I am doing this. I would like understanding and cooperation.

※The photography (please refrain from the flash) is possible.

⑦You will enjoy the "Aogaeru"

You can observe "Aogaeru" where you came over to from Shibuya

Enter the "Aogeru", and taste a ride feeling;, too, and take two-shot of Aogaeru and the Daimonnji from the outside;, too, and there is a various way of enjoying

[visit to Aogeru time]
 ※In the rainy day, I may cancel a visit.
  Thank you for your understanding

⑧You will ride the truck!

In the Akita Dog Visitor Center, row a handle, and, on a truck, run in the track measuring 300 meters in total length; can experience it

It is quite popular with the customers with the child
I register at the truck platform of the neighborhood of railroad park.

kudai to be careful about on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays as it becomes exclusively you

You will enjoy shopping at a souvenir corner!

A stuffed toy of the Akita Inu and the Akita Inu goods including the key ring are varied!
Let alone a souvenir of Odate, there is other Akita Inu beer, too
Sightseeing in Odate-shi interchange facilities
"Akita Dog Visitor Center"
1-13-1, Onaricho, Odate-shi, Akita

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