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★News from Akita Inu★

"Chicken meal lunch Akita Dog Visitor Center special Ver."
I am presented by the first 50 people!

I present a commemorative lunch (article not for sale) opener than flower Zen to the first 50 people in every day during an event period! It is the "Akita Dog Visitor Center"-limited package which is available only here.
●Lunch distribution
<distribution period> From Saturday, April 27 to May 6 (month, holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday)
<distribution time, place> At the 12:00 ... "Akita Dog Visitor Center" front entrance
※In the case of a lot of applicants, I distribute a rearranging ticket in 50 every day.
※Of "per person one-off" please cooperate with the use.
I do not distribute it by the flower good.
<<"going out seat" free of charge screening society holding
200 people the first in each time!

Please show the Japan-U.S. movie which assumed Hachi-ko a model than going out seat free. It is the Akita Inu that eyes become hot without the person who is doggy people thinking of the one that is not so and the story of the bond with the person. By all means this opportunity without passing over!
<free screening period>
From Saturday, April 27 to May 6 (month, holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday)
Wednesday, May 8
Saturday, May 11
Sunday, May 12
<showing movie>
●"Hachi-ko story" 10:00 - screening
●"Dog of the HACHI promise" 13:00 - screening
<going out seat admission ticket distribution time, place> It is in front of - Akita Dog Visitor Center administrative office at 9:00
Outdoor special eating and drinking corner

At an "Akita Dog Visitor Center" parking lot, I set up an outdoor eating and drinking corner. Mainly on the stand of the meal a day substitute open a store every week in rotation!
<stand branch day>
●From Wednesday, April 17 to 18th Thursday
From Saturday, April 20 to 21st Friday
From Saturday, April 27 to May 6 (month, holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday)
●Wednesday, May 8
●Saturday, May 11
●Sunday, May 12

An Akita Inu contact corps and Akita Inu provide it
"News from Akita Inu from Odate"

Akita Inu and "an Akita Inu contact unit" living in introduce states of daily life and dock training with the cute Akita Inu as "a living with the Akita Inu".
In addition, I send charm of Akita Inu birthplace, Odate with Akita Inu.

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1. The Akita Inu is big and is gentle! ①Characteristic (size, hair color) and character ... of ... Akita Inu

Category:Living with the Akita Inu



An Akita Inu contact corps of Odate-shi tells you about a living with the real Akita Inu regularly.


The staff is in charge of one Akita Inu each, and the Akita Inu contact corps moves into action while living together.


I am going to send helpful information to one thinking "to want to receive Akita Inu as a family".


The first is "a characteristic (size, hair color), character of the Akita Inu".


"The Akita Inu is stately, and a figure is beautiful"


Toward the member of Akita Inu preservation society that has been bringing up Akita Inu for many years, it is an answer when I asked you about charm to Akita Inu.


It is really beauty of the one and only.


The body is big, and the heart is big, too.


At first, with an introduction of a hair color and the size, I will have the member of the Akita Inu contact corps full of the individuality appear.




Akita Inu is colored no.


There is the most head count.

26 kg of Ako female 2 years old (adult dog)


A beautiful woman. Small.


In one's own pace to have been a tomboy at the time of the puppy, but to be quiet as I grow up.


The Chari Chari eats an apple.


I understand the delicious thing.


I like the toy that puhipuhi sounds.

30 kg of Syoudai (whether you carry it) male 1 year old (I still grow big)


A good-looking guy.


"Is it that? I grew up in no time so as to be told, Katsuhiro became big whenever I met.


With the size of the caliber who receives not only the appearance but also any dog, and can get along well, I show a way of further good-looking guy.


The toy that bubu sounds is a favorite.


(it continues to the next time!)

Sightseeing in Odate-shi interchange facilities
"Akita Dog Visitor Center"
1-13-1, Onaricho, Odate-shi, Akita
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